Drymaster System

With Our unique DRYMASTER System, there is “0” waiting time for your carpets and stairs to dry. Why? Because we literally dry-clean your carpeted areas. Wet floors after cleaning means that dirty water and shampoo is drying in your carpet fibers and on your base and pads. This is most often the reason that stains return after the carpet dries. The stains were never really taken out; they were melted with hot water or steam down to the base. After the floor is dry and you vacuum, the stains are pulled back up – off of the base and wick back into the carpet fibers.

With DRYMASTER’S system, any stains which are not removed with the dry process (very few) are removed by hand, using whatever cleaner is required, on any stain, organic or inorganic. We can also get out ink, glue, make-up and other stains most carpet cleaners are unable to remove.

Our customers call us again and again simply because this system works, is 100% approved by the EPA and allows them to walk on their rugs and carpets immediately.